domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2012

Tripping a la venezolana wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Tripping a la venezolana (@Trippingvzla) could not say goodbye to 2012 before saying THANKS to all of its readers for following and reading these crazy adventures I shared with you, guys. We have travelled virtually together. I, throughout the world and you with your imagination while reading and laughing this blog that I write with dedication and love.

2012 was definitely a year to remember. Each second and minute of it was filled with adrenaline and new experiences. One year ago, I was scared before travelling to Berlin, I did not know what to expect there. Today, 363 days later, I am so happy for having taking this decision, which opened the door for new experiences and taught me to appreciate each day of my life. This decision showed me the world. I met new friends and strengthened the bonds with those who always supported me. Today, I want to thank those who believed in me. I know I was kind of crazy at the beginning, but eventually everything went better than expected.

2012 taught me that “thanks” is not only a word with six letters. Actually, it opened me the door for a world full of wonders, love and friendship. I want to thank life for being alive and giving me the best friends and family I could ever ask.

When I look back, I realized how great this year began. January 1st 2012, I woke up in the capital of the world surrounded by a loving family, who supported me along this adventure. January 2nd 2012 I was boarding a flight with destination to Berlin. I was kind of scared when I arrived, but it did not last long. Two months later in Budapest, the capital of the starving country, a great friend was waiting for me after two years. I fell in love with this city and 7 days were not enough. 

3 hours away, another friend was also waiting for me in Bratislava, that city that nobody knows where the hell it is. Later on, we headed towards Nitra, where I pretended to be an exchange student. 3 days later I headed towards Vienna, capital of the world culture. I was more than happy to know I was about to meet an old friend: “The Count Dracula”. I travelled 18 hours, but I do not regret because I enjoyed a lot. I went skiing; I ate and laughed with another wonderful friend and her loving family.

Now it was time to visit another part of the old continent, so I decided to have a cup of tea with my good friend Elizabeth the Queen and, besides, I met another extraordinary friend. 5 days later my feet touched the ground of colonizers and after 2 years I finally hugged a great friend, who eventually turned into a brother.

During two months I visited cities and towns in that country and I also found another great family. Certain day I met #MaiTruLof (#MyTrueLove) and I could not be happier enough. 

Two months went by and my New Yorker family was waiting for me. Now it was time to work, but the adventure did not stop. The capital of the “Empire” was in my list and Chicago too. 

Time went by and many other friends visited me in the capital of the world and we partied together. Days went by and, after a year and some months, my return to Venezuela was closer. However, I could not leave without visiting the capital of the fried chicken, and besides, I visited two great friends, who also welcomed me with arms wide open.

My colleges said goodbye to me with a delicious cheesecake and my last day in NYC I said goodbye, almost crying, to my little 8-year-old sister, to whom I still miss so much. 

On the other hand, my family and friends were happy for having me back in town. Thanks God I have the best Grandma ever: she received me with my favorite Christmas meals. For me, Christmas came early this year. My auntie, niece, brother and cousin welcomed me with arms wide open and my two little dogs were happy to see me again. This way ended a year full of adventures.

Thank you so much to all of you who have traveled together with me, for each comment, for every word, that inspired me to write more. Just remember something; “the world is only another amusement park; do not be afraid of taking a ride”. There’s no a limit when you really want something.

Thank you so much,

I wish you a wonderful 2013 full of trips and adventures.


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